Certain plumbing problems might seem like minor issues or easy fixes, but it is always recommended that you let a plumber take a look at your situation, whether your property is a residence or a commercial space. Kenz Plumbing can send an experienced and affordable professional plumber to your Thousand Oaks location to quickly assess and fix your problem.

Rather than calling a reputed plumber in Thousand Oaks, many people will call their neighbor’s nephew or do it themselves in hopes to save a few dollars. For example, clogs and leak are very common DIY plumbing solutions.

Why Should I Hire a Plumber in Thousand Oaks?

The answer is really simple. The problem could be more severe than you think! To illustrate it best, think of your leak or clog this way:

Arriving at an iceberg in the arctic ocean, the captain of the ship believes that he can pass by close enough to the iceberg to get an up-close view of it. The captain feels comfortable in his experience and knowledge and passes close to the iceberg. Unfortunately, the captain forgets that the part of the iceberg that he sees (as big is it might be) in only a small portion of the total size of the iceberg, as the majority of it is underwater! Now, the captain has damaged his ship and is taking on water fast – a true catastrophe is about to unfold.

While this dramatic illustration might be rather enthralling, it is fitting. DIY plumbing is dangerous, and people end up in the ER all the time trying to fix their own plumbing problems. In fact, across the United States, hundreds, even thousands, of plumbers are hurt on the job each year by what would be considered standard plumbing tasks. Further, just because you see a leak or a clog doesn’t mean that you see what’s “under the water.” A lot of serious problems have clogs and leaks as symptoms. For example, roots can cause clogs as they invade your pipes, and a leak in your water line can cause your water bill to go up each month and waster thousands of gallons of water.

Choose Kenz Plumbing

Even homeowners who are knowledgeable about how their plumbing works usually don’t have the tools nor the equipment that is needed to detect and correct these issues. That’s where Kenz Plumbing comes in! When you need a plumber in Thousand Oaks, think of us. Our experienced plumbing technicians can help you take on the dangers that you might not be aware of, and we can get to the bottom of your plumbing issue.

Often, when people imagine a plumber in their home, they imagine a plumber on his knees underneath the kitchen sink. However, not all plumbers in Thousand Oaks are created equally! Kenz Plumbing is licensed, insured, bonded, and highly recommended. Further, we have an excellent personal safety track record. Call us anytime to fix your plumbing problems.

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